[Ctrl] CE - Publication


The publication was the basis for [Ctrl] CE's collaborative touring exhibition, which are the result of a series of conversations between 16 European architects from the Master of Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University, around two institutional redefinitions in progress, Europe and Columbia University GSAPP. The intention of the dialogue is to produce a map, both descriptive and prescriptive, as reaction to those changes.


The [Ctrl] CE members are: Camila Aybar, Omer Barr, Maria Borrell, Joao Fernandes Cardoso, Styliani Daouti, Samuel Dufaux, Pilar Echezarreta, Mathieu de Genot de Niukerken, Amit Mandelkern, Gregory Martinez de Riquelme, Pierpaolo Martiradonna, David Menicovich, Enrique Moya-Angeler, Santiago Romero, Maria Stefanidis, Michela Tonus.

Detail - Issue 1, Edition 1999, Brickwork


Publication of Gregory Martinez de Riquelme's first semester drawings in the internationally renowned architecture magazine Article on “renaissance of brickwork” by Prof. Günter Pfeifer.